History & Commitment

Castleton Capital was derived from a family-owned accounting firm that was established in the 1950’s. With an emphasis on helping small businesses grow and prosper, the firm recognized that most small businesses had little access capital, which prevented them from investing and growing their business.

Castleton Capital was created to fulfill this small business need. Over the years, the Company has evolved and refined its niche to financing to the beauty, tanning and fitness industries.

Because of its extensive experience in accounting, financing and taxation, Castleton’s expansion into the financing marketplace was a natural transition. Banks, finance companies and Wall Street have opened their arms to Castleton, which has enabled the Company to develop and secure funding relationships that date back over two generations.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide creative solutions for customers interested in financing tanning and salon & spa, and fitness equipment. Our mission is to provide simple, fast and creative financing solutions, that enable our customers to concentrate on developing their business.  Castleton wants to help our customers turn their dreams to reality.