Why Castleton Capital?

The Benefits of Using Castleton Capital

Convenience and Ease
At Castleton Capital, we can approve the customer for up to $75,000 with only an application. In most cases, banks will require customers to submit corporate tax returns for three consecutive years. As much as 90% of small businesses would not qualify for a bank loan because they fail to show profits. Castleton Capital makes financing quick and easy. Most customers will have an answer within 24 hours.

Less Risk
At Castleton Capital, the only collateral pledged is the equipment being financed. Conversely, banks often require liens on all major business and personal assets.

Smaller Down Payment
Castleton Capital does not require a large down payment.  In-fact, we can approve your financing with as little as 10% down.  In today’s difficult lending environment, banks often require as mush as a 40% downpayment

Castleton Capital provides you flexible options at the end of the finance agreement. The equipment can be purchased at a pre-set price, fair market value or returned.  Additionally, depending on how you structure your financing, you can pay off your balance at anytime without incurring penalties or interest.

Tax Advantages
Depending on how you structure your finance agreement, you may be able to write off your payments as an operating expense. Your tax advisor can provide you with the appropriate tax guidance.