Meet Our Team

  • President

    Kevin Ruane


    Kevin is one of the original founders of Quest Resources. He is the innovator of niche financing in the salon, spa and tanning industries. Kevin started Quest Resources more than 20 years ago. His background is in accounting and taxation and enjoys working with customers to assist them with creative ways to reach their goals of opening, expanding or renovating their salons.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Doug Congress

    Chief Financial Officer

    Doug brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from his educational background in accounting, his work as a Certified Public Accountant and as a successful entrepreneur in the retail industry for 20 years. Doug handles both financial and internal operations and shares in the portfolio management aspects of the company.

  • VP of Operations

    Doreen Ruane

    VP of Operations

    Doreen has been in the banking industry since 1985 and continues to use her skills and experience in the leasing world. She works directly with the end users as well as the vendors to ensure smooth transactions and faster turnaround times. Doreen oversees the Operations Department by managing the credit, documentation and funding aspects of each transaction.

  • Senior VP of Sales

    Terry Sheffield

    Senior VP of Sales

    For more than two decades Terry and his cosmetologist wife Carole, have served the beauty industry. From distributor and major manufacturer sales rep to salon educator to award winning salon designer and salon and spa owner, Terry has gained in-depth knowledge of all aspects of our industry. This vast experience ensures that when choosing Quest as your financial and growth partner, you will be served by someone who understands your business and knows what it takes to remain current and become a market leader.

  • Regional Sales Manager

    Shannon Ruane

    Regional Sales Manager

    Shannon graduated with a BS from St Francis University.  She has been involved with the family business for many years, but officially joined the Castleton/Quest team two years ago.  Shannon is a regional sales director and has close working relationships with both salon owners and vendors.  She prides herself on understanding the needs of her customers and creating innovative financing solutions.